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Lancaster County Chiropractor frequently asked Questions:

1.) What is chiropractic or what does a chiropractor do? Chiropractic is a safe gentle form of healthcare. The treatment focuses on the joints, muscles and soft tissues of the body. Chiropractic is considered a form of physical medicine that involves treating, diagnosing, areas of the body that are imbalanced, dysfunctional, or injured. A chiropractor can treat areas of the neck, mid back, and low back pain and dysfunction. What you may not know is that chiropractors also treat the knee, elbow, shoulder, hip, ankle and foot. The chiropractor uses various chiropractic adjustment techniques, physical rehabilitation, stretches, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy to treat the underlying causes of various issues and reduce the risk for osteoarthritis, disc degeneration. 

2.) What is a chiropractic adjustment? A Chiropractic adjustment is a safe gentle motion applied by hand or instrument to a joint. These areas area of dysfunction or motion fixation are then re-positioned to a more appropriate position or range of motion. Chiropractic administered by a licensed professional chiropractor is safe and has been proven to increase range of motion of a joint, reduce unwanted stress that can cause issues in the joint or soft tissue improving overall better function. 

3.) Is Chiropractic Safe? Yes, Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of treatment for most all joint related issues in the world today. Chiropractic does not use any dangerous Drugs or surgeries. A licensed chiropractor uses gentle physical medicine to help the body naturally and safely heal areas that may be damaged. Chiropractic is so safe that even new born children can see a chiropractor. Helping chiropractic patients avoid  Drugs and surgeries that are a serious threat to life especially here in the united states.

4.)Will I always hear a "Crack" or "popping" sound? "Do I need to be Cracked?" No, not necessarily, not all joints require an adjustment. Even if they do require a chiropractic adjustment there are techniques we use at Lancaster County Chiropractic that do not produce a "click" "crack" or "popping" noise, They are very gentle and effective. 

5.) "Do you have to twist my neck?" This is a funny question to a chiropractor. No, Many patients are terrified of that and this is an unnecessary fear. There are many ways to adjust the neck to relieve pain without using a twisting motion. If necessary and only after your consent and a comprehensive exam by a licensed chiropractor would a slight rotation specific safe and gentle thrust would be administered for neck pain relief. This is a safe typically pain free range of motion, nothing to be afraid of.

6.) Should I still get adjusted or treatment even if i don't feel pain? Yes, Chiropractic maintenance treatment is alot like going to the dentist or preforming preventative maintenance to your motor vehicle. Sure that motor oil may be ok at 5,000 miles but going 20,000 miles on that same oil change can cause catastrophic failures. your body needs maintenance just like a vehicle if you take care of it you can now get over 100 years of service out of your body. 

7.) Why is pain not a good indicator you need an adjustment? Only 30% of nerve fibers transfer pain. That means 70% of nerves are doing other things like space awareness (proprioception), touch, temperature, pressure etc... So if you have a pinched nerve or nerve interference the it may not be painful. it may just affect some of the other functions the nerves control (which is everything in the body) Lancaster County Chiropractic specializes in identifying those issues and working with the body to heal and remove that area and help relieve pain and symptoms.

8.) Is Chiropractic safe for my child or new born baby? Yes, Chiropractic is very safe for the whole family. Children and new borns do not get adjusted the same as an adults or geriatric patients. We use specific techniques designed for different age groups and size. It is really important to give your child every chance to preform at their maximum potential and make sure their neurological system is functioning at 100%.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "This was my first experience with chiropractic care and Dr. Andrew Kettering made me feel at ease. He took the time to explain what he was going to do before he did it. He also took the time to get to know me. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Andrew Kettering to anyone looking for a great chiropractor."
    Alli R.
  • "My experience with Dr. Andrew Kettering was phenomenal. He knew exactly what to do to alleviate my pain. Very personal and attentive. High recommend!!"
    Robin Bennett B.