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In this frequently asked questions section, we will be answering common questions about whiplash injuries. If you have questions that are not listed please feel free to call us and ask any questions about chiropractic whiplash treatment. We will add your additional questions to our whiplash FAQ page. 

What is a whiplash injury? Whiplash injury occurs when the head is rapidly flexed then extended or vise versa in a sudden jolting movement this is the most common. That hyper flexion and extension of the head actually causes stress and damage to the ligaments of the mid to lower part of the neck. The stretching and tearing of these ligaments are what cause the most pain and problems. When a ligament stretches it doesn't stretch like a rubber band and just snap back it deforms more like a plastic bag when you stretch it. Being that most ligaments are relatively slow healing the recovery can take some time. However with chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation exercises your recovery is greatly reduced.

What are the signs of whiplash? The signs of whiplash vary from person to person. Most commonly you will be involved in some traumatic event that involved the head being moved forward and backward very fast. A couple days later usually anywhere from 1-5 days later you will have neck pain that may go into the shoulder, Some have headaches, others get arm pain and neck pain. If you have been involved in an accident and have neck pain you should seek help from a licensed chiropractor. 

what is car accident whiplash? Car, motorcycle, auto accidents are unfortunately very common in our society. If you have neck pain after even a minor car accident chances are you have sustained a whiplash injury and should seek out a licensed chiropractor that specializes in auto accident injuries. 

What are the symptoms of whiplash? Some common symptoms include dizziness, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, vertigo, arm pain, hand pain, neck instability, neck and arm weakness. However everyone is different this is why it is always a good idea to speak to your chiropractor about any neck injury. They will help you find the best treatment options for your individual need and case. 

How long does whiplash take to heal? How Long does whiplash last? There are many factors with regards to recover. Whiplash is a tendon and ligament injury and those types of tissue are considered avascular (no vessels) so it takes time for those tissues to acquire materials to repair themselves. However with the proper chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation you can expect to see shorter recovery times with a better long term prognosis. 

What are the long term effects of whiplash? Long term effects depend greatly on many factors. How fast you got treatment, how sever was the accident, did you get proper chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation etc... Long term affects have included in some severe whiplash cases, chronic neck pain,disc injuries, weakness in the arm or arms, nerve pain, and long term the neck may have arthritis and degenerative disc disease. 

Do I need a whiplash lawyer?  This is a good question. If your injuries are severe and it happened at the fault of a facility or person then the answer is yes. If it happened at your fault and someone was injured or damage occurred than yes, If any damage to property, or person occurs then seek out a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will represent your best interest in the matter at hand. They will insure if needed you get a proper whiplash injury settlement to cover damage to property or person.

Do I need a chiropractor for my whiplash injury? In most all cases it is a really good idea to seek the professional opinion of a licensed chiropractor after having been to the emergency room and had an x-ray or through exam to rule out any cervical fractures. The Chiropractor will employ various chiropractor techniques including but not limited to spinal adjustment or manipulation, rehab exercises, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, distraction, traction, or spinal decompression. 

How will I recover from a whip lash injury? Recovery depends on many factors and is different for each and every patient. Recovery time is greatly reduced with chiropractic intervention and treatment. Also long term affects of whiplash are greatly reduced with proper chiropractic intervention. Call and schedule a free consultation to find out more. 717-509-6166

How to treat whiplash? What is the treatment for whiplash? chiropractic techniques are varied in regards to certain cases. However in all cases there are 3 phases of care that vary greatly, Acute care, rehabilitation care and maintenance care. In the acute phases depending on severity it will consist of what we call passive treatment. These passive treatments are designed to relieve pain levels, and begin the healing process, Ultrasound, electrical sim, ice or heat is applied, some trigger point therapy and very light spinal adjustment. The rehabilitation phase of treatment is when we start to work to strengthen the appropriate tissues and regain function of the neck this is one of the most critical phases it is the meat and potatoes of treatment with cervical whiplash cases. After you have reached maximal medical improvement begins our maintenance phase. In the Maintenance phase we focus on keeping the spine aligned and continue to build muscle and ligaments to make sure that there are no long term affects of degeneration in the cervical spine. 


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