Neck Pain and Chiropractic

On this Neck pain frequently asked questions page, we will look at your neck and how a chiropractor can help you manage your neck pain and treatment. When it comes to neck pain relief sometimes it is as simple as changing your neck pillow, or changing your sleeping position, or work behavior; however there isn't always a simple or easy remedy for neck pain relief. However your licensed chiropractor right here in Lancaster PA, can help you evaluate your neck pain and work to treat the underlying cause of why it happened in the first place. If you have questions that aren't covered in our Neck pain FAQ then feel free to schedule a free no obligation consultation with Lancaster County chiropractic (717) 509-6166.

What is Neck pain? Neck pain is usually a discomfort in the cervical spine or neck due to a number of reason that will be covered in this FAQ page.

What are the causes of neck pain? Neck pain causes can vary greatly from a traumatic injury such as a car accident, or slip and fall, to pain in the neck or shoulder from over use injuries or repetitive trauma such as doing the same task over and over, or hours of poor posture at an office desk for instance, Chronic cell phone over use. Also there are a number of what chiropractors refer to as Bio-mechanical lesions these are related to tissues of the neck such as muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones and other structures in the neck. Sometimes these tissues are unbalanced, stretched, or misaligned, pinched  or stuck and need to be evaluated properly by a licensed chiropractor. There are many other causes of neck pain but those cover the majority of what causes neck pain. 

What are good neck pain remedies? Neck Pain remedies come in many types and forms. Simple ones such as having a proper ice for 10-15 minutes, neck pillow, or changing your desk around at work can eliminate neck pain. It is important to look at why the neck is hurting and modify as necessary. Your local Lancaster PA chiropractor can properly evaluate the neck and give you helpful tips on rehab exercises, postural corrections, proper ergonomics in the work place, foot wear or orthotics etc... 

neck and shoulder pain? Neck and shoulder pain can often be related to each other. If you are having neck and shoulder pain it is a really good idea to schedule an exam with a chiropractor because neck and shoulder pain can be an indication that there may be a disc injury, disc herniation, or pinched nerve in the neck and require much more attention than a simple muscle spasm. Do not be alarmed if you have neck and shoulder pain from a disc injury. There are many chiropractic treatments that will help you with any pinched nerve, or disc bulge. 

What is the best neck pain pillow? The best neck pillow depends on what you are using it for and what position you are in. The most important part is that the cervical spine is supported and proper alignment is maintained. For further questions about cervical spine alignment and neck pain pillows or what would work best for your neck pain give us a call. 

What is the best mattress for back pain? Neck and back pain can be a symptom of needing to change to a new mattress. A good rule is if your mattress is > 8-10 years it is time for an upgrade. A worn out mattress can lead to real chronic neck and back pain. I do not recommend any one mattress however as a general rule the firmer the better. A firm mattress will not only deform less but also promote proper spine alignment while sleeping. 

What causes neck pain while sleeping? usually neck and shoulder pain from sleeping is cause by poor sleeping posture. Usually this is a case specific symptom set and is best discussed after a proper neck orthopedic, neurologic, and soft tissue evaluation. 

Are neck and shoulder pain related? Neck and shoulder pain can be related and usually are. Proper neck and shoulder pain relief can be achieved in a variety of ways so. For more information on neck and shoulder  pain relief contact us (717) 509-6166

What causes left sided or right sided neck pain and shoulder pain? Left or right sided pain in the neck and shoulder care usually cause by overuse of one side more than the other. Also trauma in some form affecting one side more than the other. Disc injuries even though they are a central part of the spine they tend to bulge or herniate what chiropractors say posterior and lateral. This simply put when a disc herniates it goes back and to the side. Unfortunately for us the spinal nerve root is located in this space and will cause pain on only one side typically. 

How to tell if i have neck muscle pain? Neck muscle pain is usually cause by stress to the neck and it;s structures. Neck muscle pain is very hard to pinpoint due to it being so closely relayed to many other types of neck injuries. Although your chiropractor will be able to preform certain tests that will give an indication if the pain is from a muscle or other structure. So it is best if you have what you believe to be neck muscle pain call your chiropractor and schedule an exam. 

What are common neck symptoms or neck pain? Neck symptoms or neck pain symptoms are any different sensation in the neck head or shoulder. This can range from a numb feeling to an incredibly sharp neck pain. If you experience anything that doesn't seem normal in the neck head shoulders call your chiropractor.

Do I have spine pain? Spinal pain is very common due to the fact that there are a lot of nerve endings for pain reception in the spine. Mostly due to the spine being one of the most vital organs. Chiropractic has been shown to be more effective than most medical treatments for spinal pain. 

What is nerve pain? Nerve pain is any pain that you feel typically. All pain is the result of some part of the nervous system being involved. Pain is just an indication that there is something wrong and needs attention. Typically pain from having damage to a nerve can be really painful. Pain resulting from a specific nerve can feel warm, numb, tingly, painful, sharp or dull. 

are neck and arm pain related? Typically yes. If you have pain in the arm and the neck more than likely they are related. In some cases they can be independant of each other but in most cases they are related. Even if your neck and arm pain aren't related directly they can still affect the tissues in those areas because they are so 

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