common chiropractic conditions

Lancaster PA chiropractors commonly treat the Following conditions.

Auto Accidents - Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, any motor vehicle accident exerts an excessive amount of force on the body. Even if your body does not directly impact anything and you were wearing your seat belt and the airbags went off your spine neck and back are at risk for whiplash and hyperflexion hyperextension injury. This great deal of force can rip ligaments and tendons in the neck that can cause instability and damage if not rehabilitated properly. Typically these types of injuries cause disc bulges disk herniations that can cause pain in the arms or legs. This Damage causes inflammation in the joints and muscles of the spine in the days following an auto accident. The chiropractors at Lancaster County Chiropractic will evaluate the extent of the damaged areas and will help you through the physical rehab of the neck and back.  

Low Back Pain - AKA Lumbar pain is discomfort in the region of the lower part of the back. Low back pain can be caused by any number of different reasons. Most common is the lumbar sprain strain injury. This happens when ligaments or tendons in the area of the low back get distorted either from repetitive injury or over use to an automobile accident. Similar to whiplash in the neck this hyper flexion extension injury can also occur in the low back in an auto accident. The Lumbar region has many nerve roots that contribute to the sciatic nerve this also makes the area prone to low back pain. 

Neck, Mid Back and Headaches: Neck mid back and headaches are very common. All of these conditions respond very well to chiropractic treatment. Headaches can be caused by many different things, Most commonly they are produced by tight muscles or trigger points in the neck and mid back as well as cervical (neck) spinal misalignment. Your lancaster County chiropractor looks at all factors involved in headache, mid back pain and neck pain and utilizes non invasive, safe techniques to not only help you fell better, but to help keep the neck midback and headaches.

Sciatica, Radiating Leg Tingling and Numbness: Sciatica is not a diagnosis but a set of symptoms involving the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the Human body. The sciatic nerve is composed of lumbar and sacral nerve roots that join together and control mostly all functions of the lower extremity. This nerve because of its size and location is commonly involved in low back pain and leg, thigh, calf, or foot pain and numbness. When this nerve is pinched or compressed it causes a number of different symptoms. The most severe symptoms involve the bladder and bowels, but most commonly involves radiation down the back of the leg into the bottom of the foot. What causes a pinched nerve? The answer is complex and can range form something as simple as a muscle to something more sever such as a disc injury or a narrowing of the spinal canal known as spinal stenosis. 

Sports Injuries: Sporting injuries are fairly common and can affect not only your sport but many aspects of your life. If you are a serious about your sports it is highly recommended that you have a chiropractor that specialize in sports chiropractic. Lancaster County chiropractic's chiropractors have special training in injuries that are common in most sports. Regular adjustments and chiropractic coaching can help you not only recover from sports injuries faster with less side affects but can also help you reach that next level.

Work Injuries: Work injuries are very common and not only in physical jobs. Believe it or not repetitive office injuries account for far more injuries than those in labor workers. No matter what you do if you work 40 hours or more at a job it is going to wear on you in one form or another. Lancaster County Chiropractors can not only help you recover quickly from these injuries and help you get back to work faster, but your lancaster PA chiropractor will help you avoid future injuries.   

Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that occurs on the bottom of the foot and can be very painful and in some chronic cases cause bone spurs of the heel. This is usually a repetitive injury caused by excessive running or walking. Your Lancaster Pa chiropractor will not only identify what activities are the cause of the Plantar fasciitis but will help you rehabilitate the injury avoiding painful heel spurs. 

 Carpal Tunnel: Carpal tunnel is typically a pinched median nerve exacerbated by repetitive motions of the hand such as typing on a computer or using a screw driver. This pinched nerve is usually caused by a compression of the carpal bones in the hand. typically you will feel a numbness or tingling in the middle finger and palm of the hand. Your favorite Lancaster pa chiropractor will help diagnose the condition without the need for expensive imaging or painful nerve conduction studies. Then your chiropractor will offer suggestions to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome as well as adjustments to the carpal bones to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Elbow pain: There are many types of elbow pain. The most common 2 are what is known as golfer's or tennis elbow also know as lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis. These injuries are repetitive injuries that affect the tendons on either side of the elbow. Some other less common ones include a punched nerve (usually the Ulnar nerve)  

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